About Kolosky Cotons

Tucker, Kandi, Feather, Pelli & Bella

Kolosky Cotons was established in September of 2003
when we purchased Kandi from our good friends, John
and Becky Shaw of Canyon Cotons. 

Kandi passed her
one year health check in July of 2004 and was bred to
Sparky II of Sierra Cotons in October of 2004.  

Kandi's first mating produced four males and two females. 
All the puppies in Kandi's first litter were placed by March of
2005.  We kept Bella IV of Kolosky Cotons from this litter as another
potentially breedable female.  Bella IV passed her CTCA health
checks on 12/30/05 and became a breedable Malagasy Coton de Tulear.

On August 23rd, 24th and 25th Kandi and Simba of
successfully tied.  Once was on La Quinta's PGA West
Country Club golf course in front of an embarrassed Sal
Contino and way too many surprised witnesses. 

Six puppies arrived on October 22nd, and after
approximately ten weeks of socializing, they were placed 
in their new homes between Christmas Eve and January
18th of 2006.

On 04/21/06 Kolosky Cotons purchased Tucker, a
black-and-white CTCA Malagasy Coton male puppy,
from Salmon Creek Cotons.

Bella and Simba had their second honeymoon in
Breckenridge, Colorado on 09/09/06.  Honeymoon No. 1
failed to produce any puppies.

Bella delivered 8 puppies late Thursday night and into
Friday morning, November 16th and 17th, 2006.   There 
were 6 girls and 2 boys.

Tucker III of Salmon Creek Cotons passed his breedable
health checks on 02/08/07.

Kolosky Cotons 11-20-2013

Pelli, Feather, Tucker, Kandi and Bella
Bella started her third estrus on 05/16/2007!!  On
Saturday, 05/26/07 we took Bella and Tucker in for 
artificial insemination after a Serum Progesterone
Assay said 05/28/07 was the optimal time for their
honeymoon.  Two more artificial inseminations done
on 05/29/07 and 05/30/07. 

Bella delivered 7 puppies on 7-27-07, 4 girls and 3 boys!

On 09-24-07 We took all 7 puppies and the 3 adult
Cotons down to The Animal Eye Clinic in Camarillo
www.eyevet.com  for a complete and thorough eye
examination in preparation for Canine Eye
Registration Foundation CERF membership. 

Bella's 07/27/07 puppies went to their forever homes 
between October 5th & 20th.

Tucker and Tootsie's Kiwi Girl of Manhattan Beach Cotons 
successfully tied four times between
10/24/07 and 10/27/07.  But an ultrasound done
12/22/07 failed to detect any puppies.

Kandi and Tucker started their honeymoon on
11/01/07 via artificial insemination.  A second and
third insemination were done on 11/03/07 and
11/05/07.  But a
n ultrasound on 12/10/07 indicated that there 
were no puppies from this honeymoon. 

Bella started her fifth estrus on 03/25/09 and is currently resting.
Kandi started her sixth estrus on 07/01/09 and is also resting

Feather Fidinski of Kolosky Cotons passed her CTCA Health Checks on 10/15/09.
Feather received her Canine Good Citizens Program Certificate on 10/21/09.

Bella started her sixth estrus on 10/24/09
Bella and Tucker finished their honeymoon via artificial insemination using surgical implantation on 11/04/2009.   Puppies should arrive before 01/02/2010.

Bella had an X-ray on 12/23/2009 and is carrying at least 6 puppies.  Due date 01/01/2010.

Bella delivered 7 puppies between 9:22 p.m. and 11:27 p.m. on 12/31/2009.
All the puppies were males with four black-and-whites and three tri-colors.
All 7 males were sold by 03/27/2010. 

Bella started her eighth estrus on 07/16/2010.  On 07/28/2010 Bella and Tucker consummated their honeymoon using  artificial insemination via surgical implantation.  Bella delivered 7 healthy Coton puppies on 09/24/2010.  There were 5 males and 2 females born.  Also of note is that there are 5 black-and-whites in this litter, which is very unusual.

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, Kolosky Cotons repurchased Pelli of Kolosky Cotons from our good friends, John and Becky Shaw, who decided not to be Coton breeders any longer.  Pelli is a breedable CTCA Malagasy Coton de Tulear and we hope to have many litters from Pelli.  Welcome back home, Pelli.

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, Tucker and Ella started and ended their honeymoon with artificial insemination via surgical implantation.  Ella is a tall CTCA breedable female owned by Cotons of Tustin Ranch.  On January 27, 2011, Ella delivered 4 puppies, 2 females and 2 males, 2 tri-colors and 2 black-and-whites.

Pelli and Tucker had a brief honeymoon on 02/18/2011 using artificial insemination via surgical implantation.  Pelli's puppies premiered April 18, 2011.  Four females and two males.  Three black-and-whites, two tri-colors and one all-white.

Bella IV of Kolosky Cotons retired from breeding on May 19, 2011.

Feather Fidinski of Kolosky Cotons and Tucker III of Salmon Creek had their first honeymoon on Thursday, June 9, 2011 using artificial insemination via surgical implantation. 
Feather delivered two tri-color puppies on 8-7-11 - a boy first and then a girl.  Both puppies are doing well and will leave here on 10-15-2011 for2 the new homes.
Pelli's fifth estrus began 10-9-2011 and it is a mandatory rest for her.
Feather Fidinski and Tucker III tied numerous times starting on 9-5-2012.  Feather delivered six healthy puppies on 11-12-2012.  All the puppies went to their forever homes by 1-23-2013.
Pelli of Kolosky Cotons and Tucker III of Salmon Creek completed their honeymoon on 3-12-2013 by artificial insemination via surgical implantation.  Puppies should arrive by May 15, 2013.

CTCA Malagasy Coton Family Reunion on May 2, 2010. 
From left to right:  Bella, Tucker, Feather, Kandi, Pelli, Karma, Luna (black and white) and Cosmo.  Karma is Kandi's mother from Karma's 2003 litter.  Luna is Kandi's full sister from that same litter.  Cosmo, Karma and Luna are owned by John and Becky Shaw of Canyon Cotons.

Kandi of Canyon Cotons 
    Why Buy From a CTCA Breeder?  

   Kandi's mother, Karma of Savikko
CTCA No. 859

      Kandi's father, Moka Fohy of Rharijaonison    
  CTCA No. 1147

        Bella IV's father, Sparky II of Sierra Cotons
  CTCA No. 1674

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