Pelli's 10-3-2014 Litter
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Updated 02-22-2015

Last time all six puppies together 12-13-14


Approximately one hour after birth, 10-03-2014



11-02-14 dinner time

11-08-2014 Pelli's preferred way of providing nourishment

11-29-2014 The Three Boys

11-22-2014 The Three Girls

No. 1 male, black-and-white, Rico Suave, living in
Clemente since 12-23-2014

No. 2, female, black-and-white, Chloe Belle, went to her forever home in Danville on 01-31-2015, living with her half brother, Ziggy, from Feather's 11-12-2012 litter.

Chloe Belle

  No. 3 female, white, Dora, living in Calabasas since 01-11-2015, with her half brother, Dino, from Feather's 11-12-2012 litter.

No. 4, male, black-and-white, Kona Kai went to his forever home on Sunday, 12-15-14 in Gavilan Hills, CA

Kona Kai

No. 5, male, tri-color, Louis the King, went to his forever home in Fresno on Saturday, 12-14-2014

Louis the King

No. 6, female, tri-color, Bebe Madison, went to her forever home in Stockton on 12-15-2014

Bebe Madison

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