Bella's 12-31-09 Litter

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All 7 male puppies were born between 9:22 p.m. & 11:27 p.m. on 12-31-2009. 
Puppies numbered according to birth order.

All puppies were sold as of 03-27-2010

After 17 hours of Labor and 2 hours delivery,
Bella and the boys were doing well.

Dinner time 01-30-2010

Bella watching over her boys on 02-26-2010

Individual pictures at approximately 9 weeks of age

Maximilian (No. 1) now living in North Carolina with
Pamlico Cotons

Luke Skywalker (No. 2) now living in Chico, California

Tall Finney (No. 3) now living in Seattle, Washington

Murphy (No. 4) living in Indiana

Joey (No. 5) living in Sebastopol, California

Tall Zoky (No. 6) now living in Minnesota

Don Diego de la Vega (No. 7) Dana Point, California

All 7 boys together for the last time on 03-12-2010

Left to right, Zoky, Max, Don Diego, Finney, Murphy, Joey & Luke

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