Bella's 10-14-08 Litter

Bella's 10-14-08 litter taken 11-30-08

Individual Pictures Updated 12-06-08

Feather Fidinski (female)

Ella (female)

Minilani (female)

Pelli (female)

Tiara (female)

Jack (male)

Shubert Buppit Nuki (male)

Dinner time on 11-14-08

Whelping pens 10-16-08

Bella IV of Kolosky Cotons at 16 weeks 

Bella IV of Kolosky Cotons at 16 weeks in 2005

Bella IV of Kolosky Cotons

Bella & Simba

Bella & Simba

Simba of Albemarle
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